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Minehut - Free Minecraft Server Hosting. Purchase Server Slots. Purchase the ability to run more servers on your account. You get two free servers with your Minehut account. Want more? Get them here. (400 Credits per server)

Premium Worldly VPS Servers Looking for cheap servers, all in one solution is to acquire a virtual private instance from desired specific location to start with. Here at serverslot, you can free your arms, order a single location or choose multiple data center from various countries to purchase number of virtual nodes.

Server Slot Online

Server Slot Online - The highlight: If you rent a server, you can switch between the different games for free at any time, only your selected number of slots is adjusted to the price of the new game (if you switch to a game with a higher slot price, you get fewer slots and vice versa). With ZAP-Hosting, you can choose from a huge selection of over 40 games ...

VPS. A virtual private server is the cheapest way to rent a server. Virtualization divides the computing power of a large server platform and allocates it to several customers in the form of a virtual server. Starting at $2/monthRisk-free for 30 days. Virtual Private Servers.

Included with All Game Servers A few reasons why our game server hosting services are the right choice for you. Instant Server Setup Powered by NVMe SSDs 3 Day Moneyback Guarantee 24/7 Customer Support 10 Global Locations Complete Control of Your Server Daily Backups Available High-Performance Hardware Easy Configuration Free DDoS Protection

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